Not such a great idea



OK so first time traveling (more than from home to Carolina Beach) with the house hold packed.  Couple of things I thought would be a good idea really were not.  Example – cute oil and vinegar jars.  Short enough to sit on the lazy susan, fit together well and are functional – right.  Well they don’t have stoppers and as we move not everything stays upright, DUH.  These were both full when we left Carolina Beach and this is the fullness level when we arrived in Walterboro!!  Guess what I spent the afternoon doing??  Yeah cleaning up oil and vinegar.  Oh well all things considered, this is a small problem.  Will take out of the cabinet and secure while on the road from now on.  Lesson learned.  Let the adventures begin and our problems be no more than cleaning up a cabinet.

On the road


All packed and ready to go.  Started the adventures around 10 on Dec 28.  Had a small scare on the way out of town as the temperature on the left inside dually was rising higher than the others.  We pulled off at Monkey Junction and looked around no smoke or smells so decided to go forward.  As we traveled out of town and up 74 the temperature on that tire lowered to be in the same range as the others.  Not sure if it is an issue or not, but will keep and eye on it and investigate if needed.  Thank goodness for the tire pressure and  monitors – we can see all 12 tires pressure and temperature from the dashboard.   All is well and we are safely in Walterboro, SC for the night.


Christmas Omen


We celebrated Christmas with the O’Kelleys, Turners and Ma Millie.  It was a wonderful family event with much love and joy.  As is their usual the O’Kelleys took us out for Chinese on Christmas Eve and I received the best fortune I could have received.  Call it coincidence if you must, but we consider it a magical omen for our future.



The count down is on, two days until we depart.  Christmas has been put away and preparations have begun.  We are very anxious to get the show on the road (literally) but still have some odds and ends to finish up before we leave.  Everything is on schedule so far.  Love to all.