Not such a great idea



OK so first time traveling (more than from home to Carolina Beach) with the house hold packed.  Couple of things I thought would be a good idea really were not.  Example – cute oil and vinegar jars.  Short enough to sit on the lazy susan, fit together well and are functional – right.  Well they don’t have stoppers and as we move not everything stays upright, DUH.  These were both full when we left Carolina Beach and this is the fullness level when we arrived in Walterboro!!  Guess what I spent the afternoon doing??  Yeah cleaning up oil and vinegar.  Oh well all things considered, this is a small problem.  Will take out of the cabinet and secure while on the road from now on.  Lesson learned.  Let the adventures begin and our problems be no more than cleaning up a cabinet.


2 thoughts on “Not such a great idea”

  1. A little oil, a little vinegar – not a bad start! Bluebird was just testing you.
    12 tires to check!! We have images of Randy down on all fours- and then he said all tires are shown on the monitor. Hopefully the one oddball will conform with the other eleven. . . .
    Onward you go!

  2. A small incident in your adventure. Buy some stoppers when you park at Wallyworld. We loved your test of the road aahead. It will have challenges because if there were none, there would be no high points to contrast them with. We are hearing the front blow in that you probably drove through today. We both send our love. Ma

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