Galveston, TX

p1060151We made it to Texas, Port Arthur to be exact which is a little east of Houston and Galveston.  We were planning to head straight to San Antonio, but with a sunny day (although cold) we decided to visit Galveston.  My daddy and step mom (Gib and Billie) used to really enjoy visiting Galveston so in his honor and our curiosity we stayed two nights and took a day trip over.  We drove down Bolivar Peninsula and took the FREE ferry over to Galveston.

The sunny day was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all, Nellie included.  She loved getting out for a run.  Don’t think any of her feet are touching the ground in this picture.


As you know Galveston had a great disaster in 1900 and lost over 6,000 people during a hurricane.  They installed a seawall that is currently 10 miles long, 17 feet high and 16 feet wide at its base.  There are parts that still have a small beach but mostly it appeared to reduce the beach area to nothing at least at the tides when we visited.



Although they have the seawall in the downtown area, there is still a large concern for rising water as is evident by the school on stilts.


The drive thru coffee shop on stilts.


And the home on stilts with a handicap ramp.


Although making fun of it, we truly understand the need for pilings and elevation your home and belongings especially after our time on Topsail Island. But Bolivar Peninsula/Goat Island kind of takes it to another level.  Some of their houses are two stories high and have decks under the house instead of widow walks on top.  The shade may be appreciated during the hot Texas summers who knows?

P1060109.JPG There were also some very pretty and interesting sights in Galveston, The light house on Bolivar Island.


White pelicans.


The Galvez Hotel (Daddy’s favorite).P1060120.JPG

And of course Nellie…


Love and peace to all.  Let the good times roll!!


2 thoughts on “Galveston, TX”

  1. We love getting the pictures and the history! And ditto to Hailey, “go Nellie!!” So glad you had sun. Finally got out of freezing temps here today. And you experienced freezing too! But now more warm weather for you too we hope!

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