On and off road run???

So on the itinerary for the rally they listed on and off road runs.  Being me and not so bright sometimes, I thought that they were talking about running, you know like on your feet.  I looked closer and one of the runs was 56 miles???  Boy I thought we were camping with some running fanatics..  but no, they were talking about 4 x 4 off road runs in their Jeeps.  We were hesitant to go with the experienced runners, but when they announced an easy run that even a car could go thru we were in.


Not doing the “ooohhh shit” run they had done the day before.  Thank goodness.  All was well and we had a really good time.  Went to an abandoned gold mine that had been duly decorated since it was no longer a working mine…



Also further up the mountain, we drove over a narrow ledge with a steep drop-off the pictures do not do justice, but be sure I was about to shit my pants.  Randy kept his cool and got us to the Bed and Breakfast they were heading to only to find out we had to turn around and go back or do the “ooohhh shit” run from the day before…  So we turned around and did it again.


Straight down but you can’t really tell.


Anyway guess we are not such daredevils, but that’s ok too.  “Bed and Breakfast” below, looks like some Boogie sites we have seen before, just no trees unless you count the saguaros.  And it took life threatening trails to reach this point, out in the desert mountains many miles away from everything???  Who would do this except some fellow brothers from GTB……


Lots of fun so far.  We have been on the road for 1 month yesterday!!!  Peace and love.


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