Blythe, CA Intaglios or Geoglyphs

In a previous post you may recall that we were underwhelmed by the Fisherman Intaglio north of Quartzsite.  But that did not keep us from traveling further to Blythe, CA to check out their Intaglios, and the trip was well worth this time.  These were much larger and more defined.  Some are so large I couldn’t get the entire image in a single picture.

This first a human figure is 102 feet from head to toe and it’s arms span 65 feet.  It is speculated that this may represent the Creator??


This next one is said to represent a mountain lion which is 54 feet from head to tail, the body is 7.5 feet wide and it’s legs are 26.2 feet long.  Some non native americans say it represents a horse which would date it after the Spanish visited the area and introduced horses??  Who knows, but the spiral at the base is interpreted as a snake but did not come out well in pictures.


Tail and hind legs.



The final human figure is the largest at 105.6 feet from head to toe and 91.8 arm span.  There are others in the area, but these three are the ones easily accessible to the public.  According to Wikipedia these images date from around 900 BC to 1300 AD but no one really knows who or when they were created.  It was really fascinating and amazing that they were discovered at all since they are so large you may not recognize as a picture while just walking around the desert.



The Birds of a Feather bluebird rally has wound down and most have left the area.  We are staying for a couple of days to explore Quartzsite without all the crowds the RV Show brings.  Amazingly enough I discovered another Intaglio right here on the site of our rally.  I call it the buffet line… p1060700

Peace and love!!!




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