Hike to the Oasis

We visited the Coachella Valley Preserve – Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve.  They have several long hikes around the Coachella Valley which is mostly desert.  The day we went was very hot so hiking thru the desert was not so attractive maybe later.  But the host mentioned a one mile hike to an oasis which sounded perfect.

The visitor center was located in an Oasis also so it was basically a hike from one oasis to another.  Oases are not really that common and it is unusual to find two that close together.  In this valley they are filled with Desert Fan Palms which are actually the only palm native to the area.  They are recognizable by their long skirts.  Many palms loose their fronds between seasons when new ones are grown.  But these keep their old fronds which hang down and produce a skirt.

You will notice that some palms have breaks in their skirts from top to bottom.  We are not sure why this occurs and I was unable to find on the web.  Next time we will have to ask the preserve host.  I assume that it is due to weather, either a extra wet or dry season or could be a dramatic wind event??  Really don’t know??

The hike was quite hot and dry, but as soon as you enter the oasis it was as though the a/c had been turned on.  There was even a breeze that was nonexistent in the desert??  The water is not deep, but is definitely present and would have been a very welcome sight to the old settlers.  The preserve visitor center is actually an old house where Paul Wilhelm settled in the 1930s.  The history is really quite interesting, but this story is about the Oasis.

There was definitely a distinction between the desert and the oasis.


The Desert Fan/California Palms are really tall.


The patterns looking up the skirt of the palm is nice.


Oasis has more water than imagined.


The fronds make amazing patterns.


The palms were used by native Indians for a variety of things.  They even used the stringy frond leaves for weaving.


The skirts although pretty were obviously in the way of some of the paths thru the oasis.


Notice the breaks in the skirts…


Peace and love from the Oasis.



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