Trip to the Mountains

Palm Springs has an aerial tram which climbs  Mt. San Jacinto the snow capped mountain to our left.  It climbs almost 5,400 ft. and the floor rotates while you go up for a 360 degree view.  We thought very hard about going up and seeing the snow covered mountain and the view, but it is a little pricy for us.  After parking fees and tram fees it would be over $60.00.  So we decided to drive up Mt San Gorgonio in San Bernardino National Forest the highest peak in Southern California at 11,500 feet.  We see Mt San Gorgonio to our right.  The valley between Jacinto and Gorgonio is filled with windmills and is directly in front of us.

There was not a road to the summit or if there was it was closed.  The highest we got was at Onyx Summit at 8,443 feet.  Which has a nice view of Mt. San Gorgonio and the surrounding area.


We took Ca Hwy 38 winding around the mountains.  There was very little development, some camps and recreational areas, but no real towns.  The area was gorgeous and the snow really added to the beauty.  You may remember me saying that I could care less whether I ever saw snow again or not, so you may find it weird that we went up.  The weather was great even with the snow it was 50 degrees and sunny.  Really made for a nice contrast.


Further down and around the northern side is Big Bear and Big Bear Lake.  We had our picnic there and enjoyed the lake and Nellie getting a run in the snow.  There were numerous ski resorts in the area.

In Big Bear we hit Ca Hwy 18 and traveled back west along a scenic drive called the “rim of the world highway.”  It runs the length of the San Bernardino Mountains right across the top.  When we started out we were surrounded by these beautiful snowy mountains.


And then we turned a corner and the snow disappeared.  The mountains were very lush and green, you can see the city of San Bernardino in the distance.


The drive was amazing and quite a nice change from the desert of Joshua Tree.  It was really nice to see trees again!!!

Peace and love.

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