After the crowds in Zion NP, we decided to get an early start to visit Bryce. Having an almost 2 hour drive from the campground in Kanarraville we missed sunrise but not by much. Bryce is an interesting park, smaller than many (Joshua Tree and Death Valley by far) and basically follows a mountain ridge. Being on a ridge means that most all hikes go straight down and if you take them you then have to get back up to the ridge, unless of course you are up for the under the rim trail which is over 20 miles. Needless to say, we are not going on a 20-mile hike. The most popular part of the park is the amphitheater which does have a trail around the rim which we did some of. Also, we took Nellie and she is not allowed on trails (excuses excuses). The rim walk is really a paved path and she was allowed there and at overlooks. This place is simply amazing.

The pictures below are from the amphitheater both early in the morning and later in the day. Our favorite view point was “inspiration point” and it was quite inspiring. We came back to it for our picnic of the day.



The spires or pinnacles are called Hoodoos. They come in all shapes and sizes and although they are very prevalent in Bryce you see them all over this area. The amphitheater has the most concentration of hoodoos, but you see them all over this park. As mentioned we did not get to the bottom to view the hoodoos from the bottom up, but next time maybe we will be more up for the hike and leave Nellie at home, bet that would be an amazing view.

After the amphitheater, we continued up the mountain ridge for the 18 mile scenic drive. There were several natural bridges, but pictured below is the most well-known. The end of the drive is at Rainbow point at 9,115 ft. of elevation and a lot of snow. Even with the snow it was not a cold as you may imagine, I took off the coat well before this as the day heated up to mid 50s.


This picture is interesting, the younger tree watching its future demise.




Really loved this place.  Peace and Love!!


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