The Wedge or Utah’s Little Grand Canyon

DSCF8303 (2)

I was a little hesitant to make this trip because the directions were to drive over 40 miles into never never land on dirt roads. If you look at a road map of Utah there are a lot of dirt roads and we have been on several but never for 40 miles and on some we have decided to turnaround because it was more than we or the Jeep wanted to do. But always the adventures we went for it. The drive was thru BLM land and they actually do a pretty good job of maintaining their roads. It had even been wetted that day to keep the dust down!! Although they maintain the road pretty well, their signs leave a lot to be desired.

We had seen no reference to the Wedge or the Little Grand Canyon since we first turned off the interstate and had been traveling for 30 + miles. The map (general road map) made it look like our destination was not where we appeared to be heading. None the less and to make a long story short, we saw a lonely and very rare road sign that said “overlook” on a turnoff. The problem was that that road dead ended and which way exactly was the “overlook” and was it the one we were looking for??   Low and behold we had internet service out in the middle of nowhere and were able to find our destination and get home a shorter way than we had come!!

DSCF8304 - Copy (2)DSCF8305 (2)

This was truly a beautiful spot and we understand that it is expected to be one of the next National Parks. They have the road structure in place and a lot of rock art and other attractions to make a nice park, just need to increase the signs for directions.  Other sights on the journey.

DSCF8292 (2)P1080460 (2)P1080442 (2)

I do have one complaint I would like to register with the BLM. We hiked around the rim of this magnificent canyon for a while, and I did not have to get too close to an edge to see the sights. But when we came upon the “Little Grand Canyon” view point with the only informative signage, you had to go way out on a point to see the signs. I could imagine an excited child tripping on the uneven surface and plunging into the canyon. Luckily that did not happen, but I think the signage should have an easier access, just saying!!!

P1080456 (2)

Peace and Love!!


5 thoughts on “The Wedge or Utah’s Little Grand Canyon”

  1. Loving all your pics …I know you two are having the time of your life….that’s what it’s all about..Love from Atlantic

  2. Where is the little grand canyon? So glad you went and could take pictures!! And Capitol Reef is probably the prettiest area we’ve been in (but there is no way to say that with all the beauty in the world.) Anyway, you may have heard that our current administration may take away funding from some of the national park/monument areas, and C.Reef is one mentioned, I think. TAKE IT ALL IN – HOW VERY FORTUNATE WE ARE TO HAVE AREAS THAT ARE PRESERVED.
    Much love!!

  3. A correction to my above entry. The area that could be defunded is the Grand Staircase of the Escalante National Monument, so so beautiful south of Capitol Reef; National Parks I don’t think can lose their funding.

  4. Little grand canyon is south of Price UT, a little east of Castle Dale UT. We are not excited about the current admin’s priorities with funding!! We did not make it down to the Grand Staircase or Hwy 12 (that we discussed earlier) but they are on the list for another visit maybe next winter?? LOVE to you all!!

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