Top of the Rockies

Since the weather was cold and blustery what better to do that go to the top of the Rockies.  It was a long day, but beautiful.  We took the Top of the Rockies National Scenic Byway drive.  We were unable to take the entire drive because part of the section from Leadville to Aspen had not been plowed yet from the winter weather.  But we did a nice little loop that crossed the continental divide twice.

Leaving Interstate 70 on CO Hwy 24 to Leadville and back up CO Hwy 91 to Interstate 70.  On the by-way the altitude seldom dips below 9,000 ft and mountain peaks exceed 14,000 ft.  Talk about Rocky Mountain High…  Pictures below show some of the peaks and how they exceed the tree line.   I wonder if the snow ever completely melts on the top??

P1080634P1080646P1080650 (2)

I was amazed that there are actually a lot of valleys at this altitude.  On many parts of the drive you were literally in a 9,000 ft high valley??


We were about as high as you can go in the US crossing the Continental Divide twice, first at the Tennessee Pass at 10,424 ft and again at Fremont Pass at 11,318 ft.  This whole area is also one of the best ski areas in the US with Aspen, Vail and Breckenridge all within about 50 mile radius.  What a beautiful place!!  Would love to see the mountain peaks with a brilliant blue sky behind, but we can’t control the weather maybe another day.

P1080638P1080635 (2)

Peace and Love!!


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