Crossing the Rockies

From Silt we traveled on Interstate 70 over the Rocky Mountains. Silt was about 5,400 ft above sea level and on the way over the mountains we reached altitudes of over 11,000 ft. We were a little scared of this leg of our trip as climbing that high in the bus or any vehicle could be a challenge. We were prepared to stay to in the right lane and go slow with the trucks. It was a tough trip across, slow going, but we made it safe and sound.

Going up there was lots of varied scenery…


check out the contrast of green trees and red rocks,


and the evergreens vs. the new spring green of the trees kind of looks like a map??

P1080740 (2)

then there is the snow… you can see where they have plowed the bike path,

We stopped just past the Vail Summit at 10,600 ft. it was 68 degrees, I was in shorts and tank top, but others were going snowmobiling.  Crazy…


I thought that the Vail Summit was the top, but a little later at the Eisenhower Tunnel we were over 11,000 ft. Inside the tunnel we crossed the continental divide.  What a beautiful drive.

P1080750 (2)P1080754a

Peace and Love…




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