Chapel in the Hills, Rapid City, SD

We found a beautiful little piece of heaven in the middle of the small city of Rapid City.  The chapel is an exact replica of the famous Borgund stavkirke, of Laerdal, Norway. The Borgund stavkirke was built around the year 1150 and is considered the most completely preserved stave church still standing in Norway.  It was really beautiful, peaceful and spiritual and was recreated here in 1969.

The visit is free although they do accept donations and have a gift shop.  I am not an overly religious person, but consider myself spiritual and do somewhat believe in a higher being.  The taped presentation in the chapel ends with this benediction which I will leave you with no matter what god or gods you may believe in.

As you go on your way, may god go with you.

May he go before you to show you the way;

May he go behind you to encourage you;

Beside you to befriend you;

Above you to watch over you;

and within you to give you peace.


Peace and love.

3 thoughts on “Chapel in the Hills, Rapid City, SD”

  1. A beautiful benediction for all of us. . . . And the church is a real find in Rapid City!! Wish we’d known of it.

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