Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD

This came as a recommendation from Aunt Anne and Uncle Ron.  I thought it seemed like a commercial tourist attraction that would not be much.  But boy was I wrong.  Commercial in appearance and in their desire to have you donate as much as possible on top of your entrance fee, but amazing none the less.

This is very small area approximately an acre??  Where they have determined that there was an open wet muddy pit with solid yet slippery sides where animals would fall in and not be able to escape.  The excavation shows that the pit was approximately 40 ft deep and they have only excavated ~1/2 of that area.  The amount of remains in this pit are astounding.  The site is enclosed in a building and the excavation is currently going on and you can participate in June and July for a fee.  We may look into another year, who knows.  I make a lot of the fees and request for donations, but this is a not for profit organization and is making amazing discoveries.

The quantity and quality of fossils from approximately 27,000 years ago mostly large mammoth/elephant species is amazing they report having found 61 mammoths in this one location.  There are also bear, rabbits, lama, camel, prairie dogs and more.  What is amazing is that they just located this site in 1974.  A real estate development was beginning to excavate a residential site and dug up bones, who would have thought??

Peace and love!!

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