Mt. Rushmore

OK, so we are a little disappointed in Mt. Rushmore.  Not the carving or location, but the fact that there is no entrance fee for this wonderful national treasure, but you have to pay to park!!!  As you know we have purchased the Annual pass for National Parks, and other national accessible properties and we are trying to stay on the cheap as much as possible.  On this property, they outsourced the parking and ended up with a never ending responsibility to make the public pay to park.  Makes no since and we refuse to pay 10$ to park at a NATIONAL MONUMENT!!  So our pictures may not be the best, but I think pretty good.


S0368520P1080787S0428526These images are all available from the main road if you slow down and stop at stop lights.  We are lucky, there is really NOBODY here.  I understand that it can be snowy and cold in May, but this year it is beautiful.  Today was over 80 with lots of sun and a nice breeze, what more could you want.

We did not know, and really ran across it by chance, but Peter Norbeck designed three tunnels that would frame the Mt Rushmore sculpture being created when it was completed.  The tunnels were located and designed before a road to connect the tunnels was even thought of.  Our tunnel pictures are not so great, but as you drive thru it is really amazing they perfectly frame Mt. Rushmore.  To hell with the $10 parking fee no view is better than these and they are FREE!!!  Also on this famous scenic by way is what is known as the “pig tail”.  This section of road actually turns in a corkscrew.  Complete 360 degrees plus more twice.   Never seen this before and made us giggle.


Peace and love from South Dakota our new home state!!


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