Sylvan Lake Custer State Park, SD


Sylvan Lake is one of the most scenic lakes.  It is very small, the loop hike was only one mile, but is located high in the Black Hills at an elevation of 6,100 ft.  It is at the beginning of Needles scenic highway and the trail head for Harney Peak (Black Elk Peak) is here as well.  Harney Peak at 7,244 ft is the highest peak east of the Rocky Mountains until the Swiss Alps.  The trail to the peak is 7 miles so we did not hike it, but did walk the loop!!


The walk took us behind the dam and thru the rock wall.  So glad that these rocks did not fall while we were there.


We visited on Sunday of Memorial weekend which was probably a mistake.  As I mentioned it is a very scenic lake and very popular.  Fortunately there had just been a huge downpour on our drive up there so when we arrived there were not many people on the trail or the lake, but by the time we walked the mile around (not long) it was packed.



Would really hate to see it in the middle of summer…  They rent the kayaks, canoes and paddle boards for get this $22 per hour.  What a racket.  We will save our kayaking for a larger less popular lake there are several around.  Anyway, still enjoying the young wildlife of spring even on the crowded lake.


Peace and love.




One thought on “Sylvan Lake Custer State Park, SD”

  1. I have just caught up! Wow, you have seen SOOOO much. I felt the same way re needing to see grass then all of a sudden I was missing all those dessert formations and plants. The copy of the Norwegian church is lovely! We loved your whole area of your new state. And your photos are so gorgeous. You have an “eye!” There are also some nice caverns near by. The time of year seems perfect!
    Much, much love, Anne

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