Our First Rodeo

P1090438 (2)

We are in cattle country as evidenced by all the ranches.  From what we have seen Wyoming and South Dakota rule the cattle industry.  I always thought Texas was cowboy country but I was wrong.  Again this in only from our personal experience, but we have not seen all of Texas, Wyoming or South Dakota, so we could be way off base on our belief.

Anyway, what do you do in cowboy country but go to a rodeo.  Something we had never done, so really did not know if we would like it or not.  They had a large one over in Deadwood, but tickets were $30 each, Hahah.  Knowing us you know that was not going to happen, but Sturgis was hosting the High School Rodeo Regional Finals and it was free.  Obviously it was not a professional rodeo, but we got a feel for what events they have and how it goes.  It lasted two days, but we only attended on Sunday, so I am sure that there were events that we did not see.

It was pretty interesting and I can imagine a professional one being fun, but not worth $60, just my opinion.

First event we saw was calf roping.  Two people (guys and girls) on horse back chasing a calf, one has to rope the calf around the neck and the other ropes around the hind feet.   Looked pretty hard only about half were able to do it with in the 30 seconds allowed.

P1090378 (2)P1090384 (2)

Next they had the bull riding, it was pretty far across the field so we were not really able to get the full impact of this event, but I would not try it.  Looked like really rough and tough kids.

P1090393 (2)P1090403 (2)P1090412 (2)

We moved to a smaller arena for calf tying and goat tying, but no pictures sorry.  Going to a high school rodeo when you don’t have kids in the schools could seem kind of stalkerish??  and I decided to not climb the fence to photograph the event.  We are on bleacher for the larger arena so photography is not so obvious..  Anyway girls participated in the goat tying where they rode out and tackled a tethered goat, turned it over and tied its legs.  The boys did the calf tying, they had to rope the calf and then turn it over and tie its legs.  Both seemed a little cruel, but I assume that they could not harm the animals??

The final and what appeared to be the most popular was barrel racing.  On this day only girls competed, they had to race out and circle three different barrels one at a time set up in a triangle.  Most were able to do this in 18 – 22 seconds over 30 were disqualified.  Winner was in the 16 second range.

All in all it was a pleasant day at the rodeo, but we were both glad we didn’t spend $60 to see it.  Peace and love!!


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