Medora, ND


We have been staying in Buffalo Gap, ND right outside the Medora the entrance to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. North Dakota was not our original plan, but for a variety of reasons we came up here for a short stay and to check another national park off the list. Yellowstone and Glacier were on the agenda for this summer, but that has proven difficult without reservations. After realizing that and thinking about the summer crowds we have decided to save them until late August and September after the eclipse and before it gets too cold. Sooo nice to be flexible, but will have to keep it in mind for future summers either have reservations or stay off the popular paths.

Medora is very small and your typical cowboy tourist town. Their biggest attraction is the Medora Musical, which they say is the rootin’-tootinest, boot-scootinest show in all the west! There’s no other show quite like it. I am sure that this is true, but is way out of our budget at $39.95 each (more for better seats) and really not our style. They also serve Cowboy Pitchfork Fondue?? We were not sure what this is, but have determined that it is deep fried steak cooked on a pitch fork… Hmmm???

Our first campground was at the Buffalo Gap Guest Ranch. Where you can rest your horse and your head at the same time. It is about 2 miles off the highway and about 6 miles west on the hwy from Medora. Really could be a nice place, and looks like it once was. They have stables, a hotel ~20 rooms, about 10 cabins, 30 + RV sites and a restaurant/bar. We had breakfast one day and it was very basic but very good. They have a Saturday night special Ribeye with salad bar and cowboy beans, so we decided to splurge where better to get a good cowboy steak than cow country of ND?? Well it sucked with capital letters SUCKED. Salad bar, beans and steak all sucked!!  Maybe we should have tried the Cowboy Pitchfork Fondue?   Anyway, this could be a little goldmine, but is rundown and seems like they have just lost interest.

The weather was not so great while at the guest ranch so we stayed a couple of more days, but moved down the road to a national forest park with no hookups, but only $6 per night. Weather has been interesting. Very nice when we first arrived, beautiful sky high in the 70s and lows in upper 50s with light breeze in the end of June!!! Then the wind picked up to over 30 mph and highs in the 50s. Not so great. Now on the other side we are pushing mid 90s with light wind. All this in a weeks’ time. I really think that we have had a lot of wind our entire trip?? Not sure if it is a western thing, or if I am just outside and exposed to weather more than at home?? But more often than not it is too windy to cook on the grill. One of the downsides of having the grill built in to the coach you can’t move it.

So enough bitching… We did enjoy the 40th Annual Medora Classic Car Show. They had over 100 cars in the show everything from the 1800 to 2017. Enjoy the cars…

P1090735 (2)P1090740 (2)P1090743 (2)P1090749 (2)P1090750 (2)

Peace and Love!!!


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