Alberta Falls – RMNP

P1100567 (2)

Since Bear Lake was so easy, we decided to venture on to Alberta Falls. A ranger shared a tip with us. When you leave Bear Lake you descend about 200-300 ft?? (a lot) and then after crossing a creek you ascend up to view the water fall. The ranger told us that if on the way back you turn before the foot bridge you miss the opposing incline from the steep descend from the beginning and end up at another trail head, Glacier Gorge and take the park and ride back up to Bear Lake or where ever your car may be… nice tip, because it was a lot of downhill to begin with and I would not have liked going back up that!!!

P1100562 (2)P1100564 (2)P1100567 (2)

The falls were beautiful and were too easy a hike for Jenn and Rich. They took off up the rocks near the falls and Ricky followed?? We continued up the trail (they were off trail) because we thought that there was another better view – that we had not yet reached the falls!! Some how or another we ran in to Ricky and the kids and all realized that we were way past the falls and needed to turn back. Nice hike and nice to know that we can/will actually go further than planned!!!

P1100572 (2)P1100574 (2)P1100577 (2)P1100578 (2)

This was a great day of hiking with the family. Great weather, fellowship and friends!! Peace and love!!!


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