Bear Lake – RMNP – Rocky Mountain National Park

P1100545 (2)

YEAH had our first visitors on the road. Ricky, Bobbie, Jenn and Rich all came out to Estes Park, CO to see us, visit RMNP and generally scope out the area.   We were fortunate enough to stay about 2 miles from them and we were all within 5 miles of the park. Estes Park is at 7,522 elevations and the highest elevation in the park on the road is 12,183!! Ricky, Jennifer and Richard all hiked up Flat Top Mountain to and even higher elevation of 12,324. Randy, Bobbie and I did other less strenuous site seeing, but that is another day and another story.

Our first adventure was to Bear Lake. Bear Lake Rd is the most popular part of the park and is about 5 miles long with many trailheads, lakes, waterfalls, etc this is the part of the park you go to if you only have a day. It is extremely busy so they provide shuttle buses with a park and ride area from the various trailheads which have limited parking. We chanced going to Bear Lake with fingers crossed and lucked up with a parking spot!!!! Woop Woop!

Bear Lake is at 9,500 ft and is about ½ mile around so would be an easy walk to test the altitude effects on us all. Was much easier than anticipated, which is great!!!  The chipmunks were friendly to a point of being obnoxious in a cute way??  Bet they have NEVER been fed.

P1100541 (2)P1100546 (2)P1100553 (2)P1100555 (2)P1100556 (2)P1100560 (2)

People other than us in our pictures, seems strange…  Peace and Love!!

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