Old Falls River Road – RMNP

They still maintain Old Falls River Road as a nine-mile gravel road. This was the original road thru the park and was used by Model Ts and other ancient vehicles after it was completed in 1920.   The park was dedicated in 1915, but many of the improvements were not installed until the CCC in the 1930s.

This road is one way and if you start you cannot turn back. Nine-miles can take an hour or more depending on how much you enjoy it. The views behind looking at Horseshoe Park were amazing…P1100461 (2)P1100591 (2)

And the views straight up with craggy ridges and across to flat alpine meadows with snow fields were incredible. The waterfalls all the way from snow patches on top to the rivers way below.

P1100438 (2)P1100451 (2)P1100454 (2)P1100597 (2)

We also stopped at Chasm Falls.   Nice little hike down to viewing stations.

DSCF0240 (2)P1100446 (2)P1100585 (2)

The road ends at the Alpine Visitor Center (11,796 ele) very close to the highest point in the park accessible by road. The view at the Alpine center was awesome, we even saw two elk from a long distance. The elk pictures are extreme blow ups. There was also a hike up for 360 views of the park.  The view is a glacial cirque, a bowl shape in the tops of mountains that have filled with glaciers ice over and over in the last billion or so years.

P1100469 (2)P1100600 (2)P1100606 (2)

Peace and Love!!


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