Casper, WY

We gathered in Casper, WY fairgrounds with 88 other motor coaches and their occupants for the Eclipse of 2017.   We had a nice visit and really appreciated the hard work that Joe and Pat put into the rally. We had a couple of pot luck dinners and happy hours with the group. They had also arranged a guided tour of historic Oregon Trail sites around Casper and Glenrock, Wyoming.

The National Historic Trails Center in Casper is a very interesting museum with free admission. One of their Rangers guided our Oregon Trail tour. It was very informative and Shawn (the guide) was passionate about the subject. He also gave a presentation to our group after one of the pot lucks. Most of the stops on the tour were at graves, a lot of people died on the wagon train trip west.   We also stopped at a pony express stop at Deer Creek station in Glenrock, WY.

We also took a day trip to Alcova Lake, about 30 miles outside of Casper. It is a beautiful man made lake with a great campground. The campground is right on the lake and have large sites. Large enough for us, the only problem is that you have to cross bridges that will not hold our weight to get to the campground!!! Freemont Canyon leading to Alcova lake was magnificent. It is very popular with rock climbers and you can see why.

Of course, the main event from Casper was the Eclipse. It was truly a wonderful experience, we have both experienced partial eclipses, but this was a million times different. It was very easy to imagine how scary it must have been if you didn’t know what was going on. Without the special glasses it appears as though the sun is just burning out!!! The sky darkened to a twilight and although I did not see any, I heard others say that they saw Venus during totality. Totality was beautiful a hole in the sky with a ring of fire!!! When the moon finally (2 ½ minutes) moved and the diamond ring brightness came out of the other side, I found myself cheering. We would survive the sun was coming back. Also, it was amazing how cool it got during the event. We had our digital thermometer out with us and pictures only show change from 82 to 74, but I recall it being 86 before the event?? Who knows, but 2 ½ minutes of the sun being gone changing 8 degrees is impressive enough. 8 or 12 who cares, we would freeze with out the sun!!


Being at the fairgrounds with lots of other people was quite interesting as well. They all had different tricks and tools to view the eclipse safely and we were allowed to join their fun!! What and experience, can’t wait for the next one, only 7 years!!!

P1110004P1110014 (2)

Peace, Love and thanks for the SUN!!!


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