Thermopolis, WY

P1110112 (2)

Great News, Mom and Jimmy are coming to see us around Glacier the middle of September. So Excited. As planned we are moving toward Yellowstone and then up to Glacier and have three weeks to do it before they get here. WOW what a wonderfully beautiful place to have to spend three weeks with nothing planned, Aw shucks we will just have to make the best out of it…

We stopped in Thermopolis on the way to Cody. Although we only stayed one night, we saw so much. Approaching from the south you travel thru Wind River Canyon Just a beautiful ride with several tunnels.



About 25 miles north of town is Legend Rock a small ledge full of petroglyphs. We always love some good petroglyphs… What a shame people vandalize places like this, but guess it has been going on forever note date 1908… Damn Kids!

P1110117P1110125P1110133 (2)

Finally, the main attraction in Thermopolis is the hot spring. I believe this is one gigantic spring?? Although I am not really sure about that. It has several terraces and covers several acres with two commercial hot spring pools and one free pool. But it appears that a significant portion of the water still flows into the river. When the Indians sold this area to the US (ten square miles) for $60K they stipulated that a portion of the hot springs would always be open to the public.

We did not get in the pool because at 95 degrees outside, 100+ degree water was really not to inviting… Probably should have just for bragging rights, but … Beautiful walk around the springs none the less. The colors are caused by algae  like growth (thermophiles) that thrives in the hot spring conditions, the colors change based on the temperature of the water. Purples and blues are hotter water and yellow, golds and browns are slightly cooler water.


P1110070 (2)

The pools and terrace formations are amazing. Look at the layers that have built up over the millennia, just incredible. They also change activity over time, they dry up in places and reactive in different areas. Pretty cool ( I mean hot)??


One more thing, I thought that the haze on the horizon was just normal as it is at home this time of year.  Hot, humid and hazy is the weather as I remember in August.  But up here the haze is smoke… I would have never thought.  There are numerous wildfires in Montana, Idaho, Washington, etc.  They just really burn this time of year and you don’t hear about it until it threatens a town of major size.  This is just part of the end of summer weather and part of the natural forest life cycle.  Again Wow just Wow!!






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