Canyon – Yellowstone NP


Called the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, the Yellowstone (YS) River has cut a large canyon thru the rock that is softer than the volcanic rhyolite due to geothermal exposure and various other issues.   There are two major water falls on the river within the park. The upper falls and the lower falls.

The main over looks for the upper falls were closed, and the pictures I have are not great because we did not get a great view.  But here is a picture from the brink looking over use your imagination.  The upper falls is 110 feet high.


The lower falls, fall an impressive 310 feet.  The best place to view the lower fall is from Artist Point. At the end of the south rim.

P1110939 (2)

But there is a closer view from the north rim.

P1110920 (2)

The canyon itself is absolutely stunning, you can see the early morning mist over the river and hot springs steaming and flowing into the river.

DSCF0678 (2)P1110894 (2)P1110896 (2)

Mostly it is just a beautiful canyon with wild river running thru it. It is amazing how different the walls can look from one place to another, how the river seems very peaceful in places and raging in others and the good news is that it is still changing and growing every day!!!

DSCF0701 (2)P1110923 (2)P1110924 (2)P1110938 (2)

Pic 701, 923, 924, 938

Peace and Love….



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