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After Yellowstone we went to Bozeman for some R&R – Refresh and Restock. Nice little town, we washed clothes and the bus, filled RX and cupboards and had the best sushi we have had in a long time. We haven’t had sushi in a while, but this was really really good.

Since we will not be going to Glacier, due to fire closures, weather closures and personal matters we headed south on the Montana/Wyoming border to Idaho and found a nice little campground in Swan Valley-Sleepy Bear about an hour outside the Grand Tetons.  Basically someones front yard, but OK and cheap.

Weather was not great while we were there, the clouds made some pretty awesome formations and moved really quick it was beautiful, but too iffy to commit to a hike.   Beautiful awesome wonderful place will be coming back!


DSCF1447 (2)DSCF1473 (2)P1130150 (2)

We saw our first glaciers. I thought that they would be larger, and I guess they were once upon a time. This is what is left of the Teton Glaciers!!! They are disappearing and probably will not be here in 100 years. Global warming or just natural weather cycles, we don’t really know, but feel very lucky to have seen them!!!

Jackson Hole – The large valley next to the Teton Mountain range. Very large formed by glaciers over thousands if not millions of years. It is not just the town.  .

P1130179 (2)

Lessons – We left Swan Valley because we were socked in with clouds and rain and the view would not be great in the Tetons so might as well move on. Not a great idea unless you are sure to get a substantial amount of rain, sprinkles and road dirt make for a really dirty coach when Randy had just washed it so nicely in Bozeman!!! Live and Learn.

Peace and Love



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