Aspen Final Findings



So we found several large aspen groves but none at the peak of color change…  bummer. (Note the above picture are cottonwood I believe, see previous posts for aspen pictures).  So where to go next year and when.  Santa Fe really has some good prospects for mountain top coverage and should be relatively early ~ mid to late September – What do you think Gibby and Lydia??  Just tossing it out there.

Next point, as you know we were from the coast of NC so not too much experience with leaf change in the fall.  But meeting people from other areas, it seems that most 98% agree that east coast apalachian mountains and New England mountains put on the best show.

Out here there are a bunch of aspen and also cottonwoods and various other most of which turn a brilliant yellow with some orange thrown in.  Very rarely do you see any reds or other hues.   There is nice color her, but it seems not as great as the east coast.  Also different years produce different colors, so who really knows it is partially luck.

Cant wait to spend a fall in New England and south eastern Canada, but will probably be a couple of years!!!


Peace and Love


2 thoughts on “Aspen Final Findings”

  1. Santa Fe for late September sounds lovely. Lydia and I will have to look into it. The Aspens look lovely, we got the best color I have seen Thursday leaving Roanoke (11/2). Much Love

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