San Antonio the Second Time

We had the great honor and privilege to visit with Aunt Gail, Uncle Leonard and Cain again in San Antonio. But this time we also had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Millie Ma!!! This was such a wonderful and special time for us. The life we have chosen for the next couple of years, fulltime RV traveling, is kind of isolating and really makes you appreciate family. Don’t misunderstand we are having a wonderful time and seeing some amazing things, but the small pleasure of having breakfast (with homemade biscuits) with mom is and event we are eternally grateful for.





May ma was admitted to the hospital while we were in San Antonio with a severe infection but all indications were that she would recover and resume her life. She was almost finished with her radiation and was finished with the chemo from her bout with cancer. This was just a small hiccup in her recovery, but things did not go as planned and when she was transferred to NHRMC we decided it was time to go home. We were fortunate to spend some quality time with her in the hospital, and she was fortunate to be in charge of her treatment and eventual death until the end. Lesson to be learned – be grateful for every moment of everyday and take nothing for granted!!!

Peace and Love!!!

Peace and love

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