Oak Island, NC

After spending almost a year away from NC (first time ever for both of us) and seeing the amazing places and sights we have seen, we can honestly say that Southeastern NC is a beautiful and amazing part of this country. A place we called home for over 50 years is more beautiful thru my eyes now. I’m not sure if it is due to new circumstances in our life, having learned to slow down and enjoy my surroundings or if it was just especially stunning on this visit.

We had the best camp site on all of Oak Island, NC with the best shower house we have seen. Mom and Jimmy’s driveway made for a quite nice boondocking site for a couple of weeks. The views over the marsh and GV Barbee, Sr Bridge (named after my grandfather) early morning show the extreme of the tide with the full moon hightide.


Also saw one of the best sunrises in the back yard during an early morning Nellie walk.


And always a special “claim to fame” sunsets over the ocean. Interesting fact about Oak Island, during part of the winter you can watch the sunrise and set over the ocean on the same island. This is due to the island facing south running east and west (instead of north south like most of the east coast) and the sun being so far south in the winter.


Peace and Love

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