Lee County Manatee Park, Ft Myers, FL


P1150086 (2)Mom and Hailey made sure that we had kayaks, paddles and lifejackets before leaving for our Amazing Journey. Last year there were times we wondered why and were the laughing stock of the desert west since there is very little water much less navigable water. Florida on the other hand will give us many opportunities to use them and so far, it was very rewarding!!!

We went to the Lee County Manatee Park in Fort Myers which is on the Orange River near where it intersects with a cooling canal for a power plant. Interesting that this warmth attracts the manatee in the winter.   At the park entrance there were a lot of kayakers and a lot of manatee. We mostly saw their snouts surfacing to breath and some (Randy only) rubbing on the bottom of the boat scratching themselves.


But we ventured a mile or so up river to find beautiful scenery.


DSCF2504 (2)

And came across three more manatee with out the crowd of people. They were very friendly and sweet on Randy!!! They are as fondly referred to as the “sea cow”. What a gentle massive animal. Wow just Wow!!!

Peace and Love…..

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