Roswell, NM



I have fallen behind on posting lately so this is a quick catchup, hopefully will remember the important stuff.

We stayed a week in Roswell at the Red Barn RV Park. Roswell is town of a little over 40.000 and was quite a nice small town. Besides the obvious alien connection, it has a lot of other things to offer. Naturally significant areas like Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Bottomless Lake State Park as well as Community supported programs like the Roswell Artist in Residence program (RAiN) and a Zoo in the City Park. Most attractions were free to the public too. The only museum we paid for was the International Alien Museum and Research Center.

The zoo is about 40 acres and has a nice variety of animals. They are a rehabilitation zoo and if possible release the animals after rehabilitation,  Many are not able to be released and have a long-term home at the zoo. The zoo is located in a city park and is accessible to all. The animals varied from birds (eagles, turkeys, peacocks, owls and vultures), to reptiles (snakes and large tortoise) to hooved animals large and small (goats, buffalo and pronghorn) as well as bear, mountain lions, racoons etc.

Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge was a spectacular place to view sandhill cranes coming home to roost and leaving in the morning to places unknown. What a marvelous site, and the sound was almost overwhelming!!! What appeared to be millions of cranes in various formations from 3 or 4 together to 30+ together flew in and around the refuge. After seeing and hearing the cranes, we noticed that we could hear them and see a few from our campground on Nellie’s early morning walks.


Bottomless Lake State Park was a little disconcerting. These “lakes” are basically sink holes. It seems that there are or used to be caverns under ground similar to Carlsbad caverns south of Roswell. At some point in time the earth gave way and these rather small round sink holes appeared. You can see how round and sheer the surrounding ground/cliffs are where the sink occurred. An area around the largest lake is closed because it continues to cave in???   Want to visit Carlsbad, just hope that there are not lakes on top ready to cave in???

Although we did not take many pictures one of our favorite parts of Roswell was the free access to art. The Roswell Artist In Residency program (RAIR) was established in 1967 to provide professional artists the “gift of time” to create original art. Currently it provides 6 artist a year with studio space, living quarters and a small stipend in exchange for creating original art works. The program was started by business man and artist Donald Anderson and is the proud owner of the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art that houses art only created by the RAIR participants.   It appears that any medium is acceptable photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, print making and even textiles. They were celebrating their 50 year this year so the City Museum was full of the RAIR art work as well.  We spent countless hours viewing the art, but I cant seem to find these pictures right now so some may be added later.


Roswell also had it’s own culinary experience, ask about the “chicken fried bacon” when you see us!!!

Peace and Love!!!

Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival


I can’t believe that I skipped over this attraction as it was one of my very favorites of the year!!! This is from October 14th. We were staying in Santa Fe so had to get up WAY early to travel to Albuquerque for the morning “glow” at 5am. This consisted of about 10 hot air balloons inflating and raising while still dark so you could see the flames inside the balloons. They then proceeded to flicker and flash to music as they floated away.

P1140105 (2)

P1140083 (2)


The balloons in the dark were pretty impressive, but we really wanted more. As the sun started coming up another 15 or so balloons were inflated and began to fly. I was quickly getting annoyed that there were not any more balloons around. Patience pays (I need to learn to slow down and wait sometimes) because before we knew it they were popping up everywhere. The flat ground bubbled into balloons of all colors, shapes and sizes. The most amazing thing I believe I have ever seen. The wind was so still that day that many rose straight up and landed at or near where they originated. As they were hovering they looked like Christmas ornaments hanging in the sky with out a tree!!! We laughed and giggled until our faces hurt and then giggled some more!!! What an amazing and cheerful site!!!

P1140179 (2)

P1140182 (2)

P1140220 (2)

P1140195 (2)

Peace and Love…