Kayaking/beaching in the Keys


P1150572 (2)o

The Keys are mostly coral and limestone rock islands, and therefore do not have many natural beaches.  The shores are mostly covered with mangrove or other vegetation or are rocky.  The sand on the few beaches is pretty coarse and is made of crushed coral and skeletal remains of other organisms.  We did find a couple of beaches to take Nellie for a run on.  The closest was Boca Chica beach which boarders the naval aviation training base.  We really enjoyed watching the fighter jets taking off and landing and ended up having a nice kayak off shore there.  You can see two in this pic.

P1150588 (2)o

Of course, we kayaked since this area is mostly water.  Not as thick, but similar to the Everglades, there are a lot of mangrove islets, creeks or open water.   Above was open water at Boca Chica Beach which is also clothing optional.

P1150583 (2)o

So glad we did not run in to this on the open sea…

P1150675 (2)

Sammy’s creek was pretty short but with the tide falling and the big winds we had fun paddling up the creek to the bay and floating back, rinse and repeat, short track but fun.  It is located on lower Sugarloaf Key and connects Sugarloaf bay with the Atlantic Ocean.  Had a nice picnic and ran across this large iguana.  Must have been 5-6 feet long (mostly tail, but still) and a couple of others in the trees, what a wonderful surprise!!!

Just to let everyone know after the storm they are all still Key Strong, and show spirit in small ways such as this pine with a star on the top and most branches gone…  We are resilient.

P1150560 (2)o

All in all, it was a wonderful month of R&R and adventures!!  Peace, love and keep an eye to the blue sky!!!


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