Wekiva Falls, FL

After the Flywheelers adventure we ended up at Wekiva Falls RV Resort.  As you probably know we do not plan ahead very well and finding places to stay has been more of a challenge this winter than anticipated.  It has not changed our style of traveling without direction but has busted the bank a couple of times.  We were planning to stay at Kelly State Park on the Wekiva river (they had room and were reasonably priced) until we discovered they do not allow pets and Nellie is part of our package.

Long story short we ended up at Wekiva Falls an 800 + site RV Resort which is also on the Wekiva river and apparently has falls??  Waterfalls in FL was intriguing.  This is the water fall… and a hot sulfur spring.

P1150896 (2)

We usually don’t like parks this large and commercial, but it was a pleasant stay.  The sulfur smell from the spring was only bothersome for a little while.  The spring area is amazingly popular and I imagine packed during the summer, they offer day passes for the public to come and play.  Luckily it was not too busy during our stay.  The area around the spring is surprisingly shallow not above the knee anywhere??  Either way a nice stay with easy access to Sanford, Apopka, Mt Dora and the Wekiva river.

It finally cooled off a little while we were here.  February had been a very hot month, news reported 22 out of 28 days hit record highs.  The cool nights caused the steam from the hot spring.

P1150902 (2)P1150914 (2)


Peace and Love.


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