St Augustine, FL

St Augustine is only about 1.5 hours north of Oak Hill.  Great people and great friends Lori and Jan live in SA so we drove up for a Saturday lunch and walking tour of SA.  I always heard the Sainte Augustine was the oldest city in the US, but to be clear it is the oldest continuously occupied European established settlement within the border of the continental United States, just to be clear.  It was “discovered” by Spanish conquistador, Pedro Menendez de Aviles in 1565 and has been continuously occupied ever since.

Local knowledge is key to any town or city.  Lori and Jan had the foresight to park on the Island side of the Lions bridge and walk into the city.  The central building in downtown is the former Ponce de Leon Hotel build in 1888, a luxury hotel built by Henry Flagler the oil and railroad tycoon.  Currently it is the home of Flagler College.  I believe the old hotel rooms serve as dormitories for the college.  Nice location for a college dorm?  Notice the dragon is a gutter down spout, spiffy huh.

P1160008 (2)P1160005 (2)P1160002 (2)

You may have seen my prior post about the Oak Trees growing around the Palm, well this is another take on the same thing.  This one does not look like it was trained to grow around the palm like in NSB, it just looks like it grew thru the middle, but who knows. Its called the “Love Tree” in Saint Augustine.

P1160010 (2)

There is of course a Spanish Fort in St. Augustine we did not visit so I know little about it except we really enjoyed our visit with Lori and Jan.

123951 (2)

We returned to Oak Hill via A1A most of the drive.  Everything from 6,000 sq ft mansions to 500 sq ft cottages.  The areas vary in wealth and protection from the ocean.  It does not look like this road will be accessible for much longer, but with modern technology who knows.

P1160012 (2)

Great day, great folks.  Peace and love.



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