Tionesta State Park, PA

We stopped at Tionesta State Park on our way to Lake Erie.  Tionesta is on the south side of Allegheny State Forest we were only there a couple of nights and it rained.  The it seemed that there were more waterfalls and interesting things to hike to on the north side of the forest, so if you are venturing this way you may want to stay on the north or east side, but all we saw was beautiful.

By accident we ran across the Historical Pithole City only 4 miles off the road.  Of course we went to see vacant property with a large visitor center that was closed.  But let me tell you the road out there had just been repaved and it was one nice road!!!  Any way this area is where the oil booms began in the 1860s, they struck oil in Pithole and within nine months there were over 15,000 people seeking their fortune in the town.  Within a couple of years the price of oil fell from $8 per barrel to $4.50 and the town became a ghost town.

We also drove the highway to hell…

IMG_9057 (2)

Right thru the middle of the Allegheny Forest.  We went East…

IMG_9058 (2)

And thats about all I know about that. Peace and Love


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