Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge

At the north end of Finger Lake Cayuga lies Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge.  As the lake moves north on its route to Lake Ontario it created a large marsh land which was designated as a Wildlife Refuge in 1938.  Ninety years of protection!!!

We did not visit at dawn or dusk, which is when the most bird/wildlife activity would occur, mainly because the days are so long.  Today sunrise was at 5:20 and sunset will be at 8:48. Too early and too late for us to drive 40+ miles to the refuge, unless it was for an event like the Sandhill Cranes in Roswell, NM (see October/November 2017).

But we did see several Osprey and/or Eagle nests that were occupied.  I say and/or because there are definitely both in the park, it boasts at least 6 active eagle nests this year one a trio of  2 males and 1 female that have been nesting there since 1987!!!  That’s impressive, we were married in 1989 and have owned 4 houses not including rentals…  Eagle from a distance…

IMG_9357 (2)

They have a drive that travels thru various wetlands habitat and we saw a variety of cranes and herons, and either a beaver or otter??  It looked like an alligator crossing the pond at first but they don’t have aligators up here and looked brown and furry as it passed.   Best shots are the birds with reflections pretty cool.

IMG_9364 (2)IMG_9367 (2)IMG_9362 (2)IMG_9369 (2)

Mom loved wildlife and touring the refuges in Florida near NSB – Merritt Island and others.  This reminds me of some of those areas and know that she would have loved it.  We find it fitting that there is a “May’s” point within the refuge… I know she approves.

IMG_9372 (2)

Peace and love


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