Wilmington, NY

IMG_9853 (2)

Had to stay in Wilmington for obvious reasons.  Wilmington, NY is in the Adirondack mountains near Lake Placid, NY.  The Olympic were held in Lake Placid in 1932 and again in 1980, some of the Olympic venues are still there and used for training as well as tourist attractions.  Below are the high jump towers which we found to be very impressive, and the slopes on Whiteface Mountain.   By the way, for a hefty price you can take an elevator to the top of one of the ski jump platforms, tempting but not for us.

IMG_9840 (2)IMG_9841 (2)

We keep seeing these signs

IMG_9781 (2)

Although we have not seen any moose, which I would love to, we did find Moose Pond.  We had a wonderful kayak around the lake and heard a large animal “grunting” (or what ever you call it) a couple of times.  I like to believe it was a moose watching us paddle???

IMG_9783 (2)IMG_9791 (2)IMG_9802 (2)

Also right around the corner we hiked up to Cobble Lookout with a great view of the Adirondack Mountains.  Notice the sweat shirt, it was a cool day probably in sixties can’t ask for more in the middle of June, blue skies, cool air, a view to kill for and your best friend!!!

IMG_9814 (2)IMG_9823 (2)IMG_9825a

Sure could use some of that cool weather about now!!  Record breaking heat in New Hampshire for the 4th of July so sharing some recent memories during the heat of the day!!!

Oh yeah forgot to mention the wild flowers, they have been wonderful.  Looks like spring at home in the middle of June, have even seen azaleas blooming!!

Peace and love


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