Cape Breton Island – Cabot Trail

P1160397 (2)

Cape Breton Island is a very large island in north eastern Nova Scotia.  I keep thinking of NS as running north and south, but it actually runs more east to west, check out the map, but Cape Breton does point a little north so I consider it northern NS.

The main reason for our visit was to explore the Cabot Trail, a world-famous drive on Cape Breton.  We just really didn’t realize the length of the trail.  It is 298 kilometers or about 200 miles long.  Being in the bus, we had a home camp at the southern end of the trail, but if ever doing it again, I would recommend taking a couple of days with overnight stays along the trail.  Driving it all in one day really limited our want/ability to explore more of the hiking trails and side roads.

In my opinion the northern section thru Cape Breton Highlands National Park is the prettiest part of the trail, but other sections have their charm as well.  Day one we ventured out for the trail going clockwise and about 3+ hours in when we were reaching the National Park and the highlands, fog and rain swept in limiting our views to a few feet.  But at that point there was no choice but to continue on.  There is not a short cut back, you either backtrack or continue the loop!!!

P1160385 (2)P1160388 (2)P1160390 (2)P1160393 (2)

Fortunately, or not, we were having a little car trouble so we extended our stay and waited the rain out for the next day or so while getting the car repaired.  This is not a very populated area and getting parts was the main hold up.  But it also allowed us the opportunity to try the trail again on a better day.  This time we went counter clockwise just to mix it up a little.

Wonderful rocky coasts,

DSCF6538 (2)DSCF6539 (2)P1160374 (2)P1160398 (2)P1160402 (2)P1160439 (2)

Beautiful highland mountains,

DSCF6548 (2)P1160422 (2)P1160447 (2)

Views of where we had been and where we were going.

DSCF6557 (2)P1160462 (2)

And a lighthouse and fishing village just for fun.

P1160418 (2)P1160429 (2)

We did enjoy one walk at a bog, and it was full of picture plants like we have in NC.  Although in NC I have never seen them bloom!!!  These blooming picture plants were all over quite amazing really.

DSCF6553 (2)P1160453 (2)P1160455 (2)

Bras d’or Lake is a large salt/fresh water lake on Cape Brenton Island.  It has very large habitable islands or peninsulas in it, which are considered islands in a lake on an island.

P1160468 (2)P1160477 (2)P1160481 (2) Peace and Love


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