Prince Edward Island

P1160334 (2)

P.E.I. is the smallest of Canada’s Provinces.  It is an island north of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in the Bay of St. Lawrence.  The bay where the St. Lawrence River and all of the great lakes empty into the Atlantic Ocean.

Until 1997 the island was only accessible via a ferry or private boat (I guess), but in May of 1997 the Confederation Bridge opened.  It is 8 miles long – longer than the 7 Mile Bridge in the FL Keys.

P1160326 (2)

You can get to the Island via the bridge or ferry for free, but leaving you must pay a toll.  The bridge toll for us (wanderlodge and towed) was $71.00.  I believe the ferry was around $150, we tried to make reservations for the ferry (thinking it would be interesting having the bus on a ferry) but it was full.  It would have saved about 1.5 hours of driving so with fuel savings, costs would have been about the same.

PEI is best known for its red sandy beaches and red coastal cliffs.  The beaches are popular due to the warmth of the water, warmest north of Virginia Beach is what I heard.   Not sure if this is due to the St. Lawrence river flow or the Gulfstream or a combination of both???

P1160348 (2)P1160368 (2)

Interesting that most of the island is farm land.  Farms reaching all the way to the coast in every direction.  They even farm the waters with aquaculture.  Many honor system farm stands on the road sides – green and white beans and potatoes while we were there.

P1160355 (2)

The seafood is also not to be missed.  We had oysters and mussels and truly enjoyed seeing all the little fishing villages although they were far between.


My favorite of course were the lighthouses.  Still short, but beautiful in their own right.  We saw the East Point Lighthouse

DSCF6480 (2)


The Northpoint Lightstation

DSCF6488 (2)


And the West Point Lighthouse.

DSCF6527 (2)

PEI is also home to Anne of Green Gables and her adventures, but not having read the book this meant little to us.  But you can tour some notable places from the book, Green Gables was closed for renovation so not luck there.

Thought that this church was quite pretty, not sure if I have ever seen a yellow church???

DSCF6482 (2)

And some of the power poles looked like trees that had just been stripped of their limbs.

DSCF6478 (2)

Peace and Love – Oh yea forgot to mention the wonderful Blue Skies that continue to follow us!!!


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