So, we have been busy without much posting so here is a quick rundown.

First, we spent a nice beach weekend (our first of the summer) at Old Orchard Beach, ME.  Beautiful sandy beach and the water was warm, but full of seaweed.  Judy and Deena visited on Judy’s birthday and we enjoyed the fellowship and a wonderful Lobster lunch!!!


Had to take one last lighthouse tour in Maine before heading south.  Portsmouth Harbor Light in the foreground and Whaleback light in the harbor.  Portsmouth is in New Hampshire and Whaleback is in Maine, the state line goes down the middle of the harbor.  Very cool sculpture with Whaleback framed.

P1160753 (2)P1160757 (2)

Went by Nubble Lighthouse which I hear is one of the most beautiful in the state, but it was dressed for repairs.

P1160764 (2)

Headed down to Connecticut visiting many historic port towns including Mystic.  We think that the old ship here maybe the Mayflower II, because we later learned it is in Mystic for refurbishing.

P1160769 (2)

The New London Harbor light in New London, CT.

DSCF6633 (2)

Found a really cool castle in CT, The Gillette Castle State Park.  The museum was closed for the season so did not get to tour, but was build between 1914 and 1919 by William Gillette an American actor whose most famous for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.  It was built to look like a medieval castle on the southern end of the Seven Sisters a range of hills along the Connecticut river.  In 1943 the state purchased the property for $5,000 and opened the 134-acre estate to the public.  Really cool castle with magnificent views of the river below.

P1160787 (2)P1160794 (2)

We moved on over to Massachusetts, Carver, MA.  Near by Plymouth where the pilgrims first settled in 1620.   Many of the attractions – including the Mayflower – were under construction/maintenance/rehabilitation for the 400-year anniversary of the landing at Plymouth Rock.

P1160803 (2)P1160806 (2)P1160812 (2)

Newport, Rhode Island home to “The Breakers” and many other famous mansions was a nice day trip.  They have a cliff walk along the shore behind some of the mansions, I really thought this would make for magnificent views of the homes, and did provide some distant views, but up close were just fences and hedges.  I was disappointed, but in hindsight, I wouldn’t want a bunch of people walking thru my backyard either.

P1160818 (2)P1160820 (2)P1160825 (2)P1160830 (2)

Final stop Hyannis and Hyannis Port, MA home of the JFK Kennedy’s and their compound.  Of course we didn’t get a really good view of the compound either, but did enjoy driving around many large homes and cute small towns.

Next stop Bluebird rally on the cape – Cape Cod that is.  Peace and love from the Cranberry bogs of Carver, MA.

P1160838 (2)

Acadia National Park, ME

P1160729 (2)

Acadia NP is mostly located on Mount Desert Island (MDI) just off the central Maine coast.  The landscape of MDI and surrounding area is the result of among other things the glaciers of recent ice ages.  These glaciers scraped soil off of granite mountains leaving barren rock with little soil to support forests.  They also cut narrow valleys leaving numerous lakes and ocean harbors.

In the 19th century the remoteness and beauty of MDI attracted the wealthy elite.  Among these were Vanderbilts, Astors, Carnegies and Rockefellers.  The area became known as Millionaire Row and the town of Bar Harbor grew with numerous hotels and other amenities attracting more visitors.

The wealthy visitors began pushing for a national park to prevent further development that would ultimately destroy the beauty of their playground.  John Rockefeller, Jr. donated about 11,000 acres and the national park was created in 1919 becoming the first NP in the east.  The park is currently about 50,000 acres and well preserved.

The main attractions of the park are the loop road and Cadillac Mountain.

The loop road is mostly one way and passes numerous rock outcroppings.  The most popular section from Sand Beach to Otters Cliffs has a trail where you can explore the rocks and enjoy the views.

P1160683 (2)P1160695 (2)

Along this trail the rock changes drastically.  From the red/pink softly rounded Cadillac granite to sharp black angled rock, to cobblestone filled beaches.

P1160691 (2)

P1160691 (2)P1160697 (2)P1160686 (2)

I have to say the cobble stone beach was beautiful, could look at the rocks all day.


Cadillac Mountain is pretty much barren but offers wonderful views of the surrounding forests, islands and ocean/bays.  At a little over 1,500 ft it is the highest peak on the eastern seaboard and at certain times of the year is the first place on the east coast to see the sun each morning.

DSCF6627 (2)P1160725 (2)

Also, Jordan Lake and the “Bubbles” are beautiful.

DSCF6626 (2)

We spent part of our honeymoon in 1989 on MDI and visited Acadia and Cadillac Mountain.  Below are pictures way back then and now, the landscape has not changed, but we have!!!

Almost twenty-nine years and counting, we would do it all over again if given the chance!!! Peace and Love!!!

Love Joy Pond, ME

P1160635 (2)

Our good friend Mike was visiting his brother Ed at his home on Love Joy Pond near Augusta, ME.  We spent a beautiful afternoon at the lake with these guys.

P1160642 (2)

Nellie had the best time of all.  So nice to be where a leash was not necessary, she loved exploring!!

P1160643 (2)

And even took a dip in the lake!!!  Thank you, Mike for letting us crash your vacation.

I also have to say I love the name of the pond – Love Joy – Peace and Love