Cape Cod – Cranberry Bog

We also got a tour of a cranberry bog.  They did not flood the bog, but described the processes involved in raising organic cranberries.  The most interesting thing we learned is that bogs must be sanded annually.  Putting a layer of sand over the peat and other organic matter for the berry vines to grow in.  So, if weather works correctly for them, they flood the bogs in January/February so that they freeze solid.  That way they are able to drive over the frozen bogs with equipment spreading a thin layer of sand.  If not cold enough to freeze, the sand has to be distributed manually.

Another interesting thing is that they harvest the berries twice.  The first harvest is a dry harvest where they basically rake the vines and collect the berries with specialized equipment.  A couple of weeks later they flood the bogs to gather the remaining berries.  The remaining berries float and are corralled before being sucked up with hoses.  Only dry harvested berries are sold fresh, once the berries are wet they are only eligible for processing.

All in all, we learned that it is very hard work – NOT our next careers.  These are some animals from the cranberry farm.

P1160838 (2)P1160913 (2)P1160914 (2)

Peace and Love


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