Cape Cod, Mass

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Cape Cod is the hooked shaped peninsula off the southern coast of Massachusetts.  It is where the Pilgrims initially landed before sailing on to Plymouth.  They stayed on Cape Cod for around 5 weeks but the lack of fresh water convinced them to move on.

Cape Cod has some similarities to other capes on the east coast including a large and dangerous shoal bank off the point and continuous erosion they say three feet a year on average.  The shoals have proven to be very dangerous to shipping and recreational users for centuries.  As a protection method they created the Cape Cod Canal which connects Cape Cod Bay to the north and Buzzards Bay to the south basically making Cape Cod an island.

The Cape is a summer destination with miles of sandy shores on the oceanside as well as on the bay side.  It is known for quaint small villages, seafood, lighthouses, ponds/bays and the National Seashore.  We visited with a group of Bluebirders for a rally, there were 20 coaches in our group and we enjoyed the fellowship as well as some nice excursions.

A large portion of Cape Cod National Seashore (CCNS) near Provincetown is made up of large sand dunes.  There is a trail thru the dunes that is open to the public and of course the shore is open but hard to access.  The trail is about 1.5 miles each way thru deep beach sand.  There are about 2,000 acres of these dunes and only the park rangers and one company are allowed to drive there.  We took a dune ride which was very informative and interesting.  There are also several “dune shacks” which were privately owned and occupied until recently.  Now if you want and if you win a lottery you can stay in one of the shacks for a week or more…

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Peace and Love



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