Harbor Seals, Cape Cod

I think seals are cute and really wanted to see some.  To the Cape Codders seals are a nuisance, they attract sharks, rob fishermen of their catch and are basically considered trouble makers.  You may have heard about the first (in many years) fatal shark attack on Cape Cod this summer.  That attach occurred near Nauset Beach where we saw our first seals playing in the surf.  We enjoyed watching the kite surfers and seals, but seal pictures did not turnout so great.

P1170005 (2)P1170007 (2)P1170010 (2)

Guaranteed seal viewing was at Fish Pier in Chatham.  Here fishing boats unload their catch and from what we saw some actually feed scraps to the seals???  These seals were begging for scraps from the fishermen.  In my opinion this is not good if you don’t want to attract more seals, but on the other hand the fishermen gave us 8 large beautiful Fluke fillets – Flounder.  All fluke are flounders, but not all flounders are fluke, either way they have been delicious!!!

P1170065 (2)P1170076 (2)P1170077 (2)

Peace and Love


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