Cape Cod – Lighthouses

Cape Cod has its share of lighthouses and like the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in NC many of Cape Cod’s have been moved due to severe erosion.  Many places on the shore are eroding at an average of 3 feet per year and have high bluffs/cliffs on the shore line making access difficult.  Since Hailey and Michael were not available to repel down the cliffs, I did not get pictures of the cliffs on the shore.  But this picture is an example of the high bluffs and the reason for moving some lighthouses.

P1160976 (2)

Sankaty Head Lighthouse is on Nantucket Island, and was moved from where the benches in the foreground are to its current location.  The approximate 400 ft move was in 2007.   To me it still appears close to the bluff, seems that with the expense and effort to move it they would have moved it further??

P1160977 (2)

P1160968 (2)

Brant Point Light is also on Nantucket and guards the main bay where the ferries and most other visitors land.

P1160943 (2)

The Highland light, which was a short walk from our campground was also moved just 450 ft and we were fortunately enough to visit the light with the surveyor who assisted with the move.  This light was built in 1857, replacing two former towers that had been built in 1797 and 1831.  Guess they decided it was easier to move than rebuild??  It is currently the oldest and tallest lighthouse on Cape Cod.

P1160847 (2)P1160999 (2)

Nauset Light, aka as the Cape Cod Potato Chip lighthouse – see the package.  This light also replaced several others that were either moved or destroyed due to erosion.  Originally there were three towers with lights at this point, they were replaced by three wooden towers known as the three sisters which have since been moved up the street.

P1170031 (2)

The Nauset light originally flashed three white lights every 10.5 seconds, representative of the original three light structures.  Currently it flashes red and white.

P1170029 (2)

The Nauset light is also the place where in November of 1879 the last thread of the 3,000 mile transatlantic telegraph cable was delivered from France.  This made it possible for communication from Europe to the US within minutes not weeks.

We also visited the Chatham light.

P1160856 (2)

And the Race Point Light.

P1170055 (2)

Race Point is on the very tip of Cape Cod near Province town.  We took a nice walk on this point and although there were more rocks than shells, we did notice lots of cinderella slipper shells alive and attached to each other, rocks and other objects.  Also this live jingle shell.  Love the beach.

P1170045 (2)P1170051 (2)P1170058 (2)

Peace and Love



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