Nantucket, MA

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Nantucket is a small island about 30 miles off the southern shore of Cape Cod.  It has a year around population of a little over 10,000.  We visited via ferry from Hyannis, MA, in the Hyannis harbor we saw this Carolina Skiff.  There are everywhere remember the one in Sorrento Italy in the Bay of Naples.

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Nantucket is a summer tourist destination, with a long history including whaling.  Although Herman Melville’s Moby Dick mentions Nantucket and his main characters Ahab and Starbuck were both from Nantucket, he only visited after completion of the book.  Many famous people lived or visited Nantucket over the years including Rowland Hussey Macy the founder of Macy’s department stores.  His first store was on the island.

We took a van tour that was very interesting.  If the tour guide is believed and I have no reason not to believe her, in the 1970s you could have purchased a house on Nantucket for around $25,000 now the average selling price is $2.5 million, of course some are larger and nicer than others, but that would be quite a return on investment.

The main downtown area is full of restaurants and high-end boutiques but also has a very well thought of whaling museum.  The original cobblestone streets are still in place, and are very uncomfortable to ride on.

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There is one store that was pointed out with “bullseye” glass panes.  These were from before they used machine made glass for windows.  When the glass was made it was blown into a hallow globe and flattened by reheating it and spinning it out into a flat disk, then cut to size.

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Siasconset area of Nantucket is well known for its rose covered cottages.  They have trellises’ up the walls and on to the roofs.  Would have loved to be there while the roses were in bloom.  We have seen wild roses everywhere this summer most with large rose hips.  Many of the rose bushes in Siasconest had already been cut back for the winter, but you can see the trellises where they grew.

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This house known as “Auld Lang Syne” is believed to date from the 1670.  The house is original, but has been moved several times from the original location.  This is also in Siasconset area.

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Other pictures, what a beautiful island.

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Peace and love


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