Cape May, NJ

Cape May is a seaside resort at the southern tip of New Jersey.  It is known for its grand Victorian houses, many of which now appear to have been converted to inns or B&Bs.  The style and intricate paint details are beautiful.

P1170112 (2)P1170114 (2)P1170116 (2)P1170122 (2)P1170124 (2)

Of course, they also have beautiful beaches and a lighthouse!!!  A real full-size lighthouse not the short stubbys of New England.  I loved the beauty of the New England lights, just not what we are used to.

DSCF6681 (2)P1170102 (2)

At Sunset Beach there is a shipwreck just off shore.  It is the SS Atlantus, not a spectacular shipwreck, but I mention because it was a concrete ship???  Sounds counterproductive to build a ship out of concrete, but 12 were built by the Liberty Ship Building Company in Brunswick Georgia during and after WWI.  It was retired after just two years in service and in 1926 it was towed here to be used as a ferry dock.  That same year a storm hit and the ship broke free and ran aground 150 ft off shore.  Unsuccessful attempts were made to free it, but here it still sits.

P1170101 (2)

West Cape May is also home of the Lima Bean Festival a one-day event held to celebrate the local lima bean harvest.  Limas are no longer the big bumper crop in the area, but they are truly celebrated on this day.  Amazing what you can make out of limas, but unfortunately, they did not have any fresh beans for sale, we did score a couple pounds of frozen beans.

P1170109 (2)P1170110 (2)P1170111 (2)

Just a couple of miles up the coast from beautiful and quaint Cape May is Wildwood.  Wildwood has your typical Jersey Shore boardwalk with lots of rides and arcades.  I can only imagine the summer fun, but this time of year it is more like a ghost town!!

P1170104 (2)P1170107 (2)P1170108 (2)

We left Cape May on the ferry to Lewes, DE.  The Wanderlodge’s first ferry ride with us.  Bet you couldn’t see thru the middle as easily on our voyage.  Put us right down the middle straddling both lanes!!!

P1170129 (2)P1170132 (2)

Peace and Love from New Jersey!!!


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