Delmarva Peninsula

We arrived in Lewes, Delaware via the Cape May Ferry.

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You all probably know this, but something I learned while in Delaware is where Delmarva Peninsula got its name.  Delaware, Maryland and Virginia = Delmarva.  Easy stuff, I guess I just never put two and two together or three and three together as the case may be.

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The above picture was taken on the side of the road in Long Neck, DE.  For those who follow our blog, it is very reminiscent of the road side sculptures on the Enchanted Highway in North Dakota.

The big news from Delaware is that they are the friendliest people we have encountered.  We were having issues with the Wanderlodge which ended up being pretty severe and the campground (Massey Landing) personnel, the tow company and the repair shop were all just the most understanding, friendly and helpful people you could imagine.

Long story short, the toughest part of the repairs was getting the bus to the shop.  The third axle was messed up so we could not drive.  The tow truck operator tried to tow it, but as you can see it was leaning way to far to be towed 40 miles.

They ended up taking off the back tires (putting them in the living room) chained up the third axle and Randy drove the beast to the shop.  This took hours of trying different options until this was decided the entire process was about 8 hours from campground to the shop.

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Chambers welding (the shop) hopped right on our issues.  When we pulled in around 4:30 at least 4 people were on it and had repairs completed by the end of the next day.  Go Chambers we were/are so grateful.  They even let us stay on the lot in the bus for two nights saving hotel costs.  Can’t say enough about them and especially Ms. Betty who runs the shop.

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Peace and Love