We’re Back

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So, have been busy, lazy or just ignoring this blog for way too long.  I will try to start back from where I left off but I am sure that many little details have already been forgotten.  Strange how quickly and yet slowly things move on day by day.  Days turn to weeks and weeks into months before your eyes, yet minutes take years sometimes.  Time is a funny thing…  Sometimes.

From Delaware we traveled to Chincoteague, VA.  The national seashore connects all the way from Assateague, MD, just south of Ocean City, MD.   With the long barrier island being national seashore, most of Maryland’s Atlantic Ocean beach is public and undeveloped.  It is also only accessible with ATV vehicles or horseback. Near Chincoteague the Park is connected to the mainland via several spit islands.  Which are full of history and modern tourism trade.  Most notable are the wild ponies that live on the island and were made more famous by the children’s books by Marguerite Henry.  We saw the beautiful shore, lots of nice birds and ponies in a distance at Chincoteague.   The close-up ponies were at Assateague.

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And of course, they have a lighthouse.

Traveling down the eastern shore of VA our planned route and only option at that point was the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel and Bridges.  We are not really excited about the tolls along the east coast, here and NJ specifically, but on the Bay Bridge they may have really saved us.  Except during hurricanes, I have never seen a bridge closed to traffic due to winds.  Relatively normal weather (i.e. no named storms) creates winds strong enough to make crossing dangerous.  With the toll booths it is easy to monitor traffic, but other bridges… such as the Seven Mile Bridge in the FL Keys where our awning was flapping in the wind while crossing, you cross at your own risk.

Anyway the bridge/tunnel was closed to oversized (wanderlodge sized) vehicles due to excess winds and we were rerouted to a rest area with many others.  We made ourselves comfortable and watched the end of a Panthers game before being allowed to cross.  Even with lighter winds the crossing was harrowing.  Being in the wind then sheltered by the tunnel and then entering the blowing wind again in such a large vehicle was tough, thank goodness for Randy and his steady driving.

P1170199 (2)

The bay bridge-tunnel opened in 1964 and was one of the seven engineering wonders of the world.  It is 23-mile bridge with two tunnels across where the Chesapeake Bay connects with the Atlantic Ocean.  It was originally constructed as a two-lane crossing, and the tunnels allow shipping activity into the harbor to continue as traffic crosses underneath.  In the late 1990s, they added a parallel bridge providing two lanes in each direction, but the tunnels are still one lane each way.  They are currently in the process of building a parallel tunnel for the Thimble Shoals Tunnel.  The waves in the bay were crazy big, and we even tunneled under a large ship leaving the bay.


Back to the good ole North State – NC – Home Sweet Home.  Peace and Love.


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