November and the Holidays

IMG_20170108_113501 (2)

Feels like the last two months have been running this fast…  Lots of great times and lots of hard work – sad to leave all the loving wonderful family and friends, but time to resume our adventure.

Guess what I did not pull the camera out once during our holidays.  So, unlike me, but must mean that I was enjoying the company more than documenting the moment??!!??  We spent a couple of weeks in Oak Island reliving a lifetime of memories and many lifetimes before ours.  So very cool to visit a different era, when people use to write letters, hand make clothes, make photo albums, make your own furniture, have family heirlooms and fine china.  Today everything seems so disposable…

And I am one to talk since we disposed of almost everything nonessential when leaving on our adventures.  Anyway 27 Yaupon Way holds so much love and memories with many more to come.

Back to the visit and holidays.  We really  enjoyed Thanksgiving with Aunt Anne and Uncle Ron, the entire family was there much love Rhonda Rodney Ella and Mason – Rich Leah and Regan – Hailey and Michael – Gibson and Lydia – Beth, Geneva and anyone I may have missed.  Mason left shortly after for a big adventure in Park City, UT, so  happy for him  – hope you Have a Blast!!!

Christmas was in Greensboro with the Turner, Tyson, O’Kelly families and more.  Lots of great family time, baking and painting cookies, carols including the 12 Days of Christmas with 30, dirty Santa, Italian cuisine, Chinese on the Eve, candle light church service, Christmas day gifts and breakfast, etc.  What a wonderfully special time we had thanks to the hostesses and host, Wendy Millie and Brian!!!  Loved seeing and visiting with each of you Millie Wendy Brian Hannah Patrick and Parker – Ricky Jennifer and Richard, – Robert Janice Ben and Jillian – Polly and Jerry – Dave Pam and Conner – Cindy Chuck and extended family – Josie Kimberly and extended family.    And anyone else I missed, we love you all and had a blast thank you.

Even more love to those we saw Larry and Louisa – Greg and Teresa – Jimmy – Billie Kris and Scott  – Bobbie Anne and Dave and those we didn’t see You all make us like calling North Carolina home!!!

Peace and Love and a wonderful 2019 to all!!!


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