Augusta, SC and GA


Last unexpected but quite enjoyable stop with family, N August, SC.  Had wonderful visits and meals (still can’t believe there is a buffet all you can eat for less than $5) with Uncle Joe and Aunt Anne.  Dinner with Patty Jo and Eddie was such a treat we stayed an extra day to be able to see them, so nice to be flexible with our schedule.  What wonderful memories we revisited and caught up on how the family has grown, with children having children and those children having more children.  This is where grand and great grand children come from.  Looks like childhood cousins have developed into wonderful families and we are sorry it has been so long since sharing love with this branch of the family.

Family is always a piece of you and not matter the passage of time, it is just like we were together yesterday.  Enjoyed every minute and hope to do it again sometime.

Again no pictures, but much love —  GO Clemson in the Championship next week

We also visited downtown Augusta, GA across the Savannah River from N Augusta, SC they have a nice river walk along the levee on the GA side protecting the downtown area.  Not sure what flooding does on the north side??  No levee in sight…  Augusta became known in the late 1800s as a winter retreat from the cold north states, and has grown into one of the best known golf communities in America – you might know about the Augusta National Golf Tournament.

Peace and Love and Happy 2019 to all!!!


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