Benbow, CA

P1190672 (2)

Benbow is a very small town in northern California past the end of CA1 where it has combined with 101.  Coastal Highway 1 runs about 650 miles of the beautiful California Coast and turns east in Rockport where it merges with 101.  The coast from here to Ferndale does not have a “coastal highway,” and 101 has turned into the “redwood highway.”

We have traveled a good portion of CA1 since we hit the coast in Ventura, but missed a lot too.  Wanting to continue the adventure we drove south on 101 and joined 1 in Fort Bragg (California not NC).  From there we went a little further south to Mendocino and had a nice walk with wildflowers and stunning but relatively short cliffs.  Notice the jackets, must have been in 50 in June!!!  Little chilly??

IMG_20190604_123415 (2)P1190662 (2)P1190675 (2)

Loved the look vibe and walking trails on the point of Mendocino and the old windmills that have been reinvented into living-working-playing spaces.  Pretty nice and seems to be great weather year around except the rainy season and fire season earthquakes and land slides, maybe shouldn’t be so far from everything??? But really pretty…

We really liked this one rock “island.”  The pool I guess fills up from the waves and created its own waterfall.  You know how we love waterfalls.

P1190669 (2)

Most of the California coast so far has been rocky with either really tall or not so tall cliffs and some small sandy beaches scattered around.  Just north of Fort Bragg is MacKerricher State Park (a fee zone so we did not enter).  From the highway you could see big tall sand dunes.  Looked a lot like jockey’s ridge in NC.  As I said we did not go in, but saw dunes for several miles.  Found a beach just north of the Ten Mile river and got a view of the dunes across the river looking south.

P1190685 (2)P1190686 (2)

Interesting that just crossing this river the cliffs and rocks started again.  The way land changes is baffling, wish I had taken more geology!!!   Nellie enjoyed the sandy beach and we enjoyed the walk.  Another feature of the beaches here is driftwood, and I don’t mean a little bit of driftwood, I mean what looks like full trees.  Check out the beach.

IMG_20190604_141447 (2)IMG_20190604_142505 (2)P1190688 (2)P1190689 (2)

And one of my to date favorite cottages!!

P1190679 (2)

Peace Love and thank you for the beautiful blue skies!!!



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