Klamath, CA

IMG_20190613_111624 (2)

We have found as we move further north the coast really changes.  Although there are still rocks on the shore, there are lots of large sandy beaches.  Only problem is that in June it is a little chilly!!! Really think that is is about the same year around highs 60-70 lows 40-50, really not so bad, but would need a wet suit for sure!!!

We stayed on the Klamath River right on the route for the National Park scenic beach loop.  Little did we know it was one way and we started out our first day the wrong way so if you come take the route south to north – one way.  But we did get a nice view of the inlet from an overlook 600 ft up and north of the river.  Interesting that many bays/river outlets in this area have a large bar (sand bar) that diverts the major flow to one area.  I wonder if it is under water rainy season?

IMG_20190610_103510 (2)

In this picture of the same inlet/outlet looking north from the south side you can see the seals/sea lions lounging on the shore.  We have not been close enough to tell if they are seals or sea lions.

P1190840 (2)

North of Klamath is Crescent City, here you will find lots of local information and one of the visitor centers for the National Park.   Decent grocery shopping for the area.  It is really amazing how isolated this part of California is.  Beautiful temperate weather and a million miles from anywhere.  We really love it, but wonder what winter rainy season is like.  They must have a lot of land slides and roads undermined based solely on the number of lanes closed on main and back roads.

DSCF7614 (2)

Here is crescent city and their lovely Battery Point Lighthouse…

P1190793 (2)P1190892 (2)

Coming out of the National Park north section’s scenic drive we ran across this beautiful little river, the North Fork of the Smith River.  Wish we were able to see more, but a couple of nice shots from the road and down by the river from a National Forest access point.

DSCF7700 (2)IMG_20190613_111716 (2)IMG_20190613_112118 (2)P1190819 (2)

Peace Love and Understanding!!!



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